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About Our Company

E-Fish-Ent Fish Company Ltd. is a BC family owned and operated business, established in 1990, which operates a custom fish processing and retort pouch packaging facility. E-Fish-Ent Specialty Products is a division of E-Fish-Ent Fish Company, established in 2007 to focus on meat and poultry processing. We specialize in retort pouch processing and thus deliver delicious, quality products that are tasty, nutritious and ready to eat.

Our Certifications

E-Fish-Ent is a federally inspected processing facility, certifying that all safety standards are achieved. We are Kosher Seafood Certified (OU), European Union (EU) approved, HACCP compliant, and US FDA approved.

E-Fish-Ent is one of the finest and safest food processors in North America, with the ability to export anywhere in the world. We are currently working towards becoming Halal Certified as well, in order to offer options to Muslim communities.

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